2010-11 Women's Bowling
Recruiting Questionnaire
Personal Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Date of Birth:
Married: Yes No
Father's Name:
Father's Phone Number:
Father's Email:
Father's Occupation:
Mother's Name:
Mother's Phone Number:
Mother's Email:
Mother's Occupation:
What other colleges are you considering:
Would you like to visit the Tabor campus?: Yes No
Scholastic Information
High School:
H.S. School Phone:
H.S. Graduation Year:
Class Rank/Out of:
SAT Math:
SAT Reading:
SAT Total Score:
Intended Major:
Academic Honors:
Previous College Info
Previous Colleges/Universities Attended:
Cumulative College GPA:
College Hours Passed:
How many years of eligibility do you have left?:
Women's Bowling Information
Name of High School Coach:
High School Coach's Phone (Cell Phone Preferred):
Name of College Coach:
College Coach's Phone
(Cell Phone Preferred):
How many years have you been bowling?:
Bowling Average:
Dominant Hand: Right Left
Do you bowl on a high school team?: Yes No
If yes, your role and years of participation:
High School team and individual honors and awards, include dates and finishes:
Are you currently USBC sanctioned?: Yes No
If yes, how long?:
Highest League Average (Season/average/# of games)?
Scratch 3 Game Series (date/score)?:
Highest performance and titles in regional/state/city events or tournaments:
(Give name of events /tournaments/location/year/score/ect.)
Highest performance and titles in a national event or tournament:
(Give name of events /tournaments/location/year/score/ect.)
Other significant bowling involvement's and honors:
(Organizations, activities, offices, and special awards)
Other activities, Awards Positions of Leadership (civic, community, church, ect.):
References-Give 2 bowling references we may contact (coach, youth director, ect.):
Name of Reference One:
Phone Number of Reference One:
Title of Reference One:
Name of Reference Two:
Phone Number of Reference Two:
Title of Reference Two:
Athletic and/or Academic Honors/Awards:
Is Video of You available? Yes No
Recruiting Web Site/Video Link(If Applicable):
NAIA Eligibility Center - PlayNAIA.org

What is the NAIA Eligibility Center?

The NAIA Eligibility Center is responsible for determining the NAIA eligibility of first-time student-athletes. Any student playing NAIA sports for the first time must meet the eligibility requirements. Students must have their eligibility determined by the NAIA Eligibility Center, and all NAIA schools are bound by the center's decisions.

Who needs to register?

Every student interested in playing sports at NAIA colleges for the first time in 2011-12 or any year after that needs to register and have a determination if they are eligible to play.

If you have already registered at PlayNAIA.org, please provide us with your NAIA ID. You can find your NAIA ID by logging into PlayNAIA.org and looking in the red box in the upper right hand corner. Your NAIA ID should be 7 numbers long.